Zazu is our second Finish Lapphund (Suomenlapinkoira)

He joined our family in May 2017.

He had no trouble adjusting to his new home and
Zazu fell in love with Rafiki from the first moment they met.

Zazu is a very enthousiastic boy, who loves to play and chase the 2 house cats.

He is eager to learn all the tricks from his 'big brother'. He is a very talented Sheepherder

Spring 2018 we will start Flyball training with him as he loves to catch balls.

Health Registration

HD: too young
ECVO: too young
PRA: Carrier, tested by Laboklin
Pompe: Carrier, tested by Laboklin
DNA: known at the Raad van Beheer

Show Results

IDS Zwolle (NL) 07-10-2017 1st male puppy, very promissing, BOB puppy

IDS Zwolle (NL) 08-10-2017 2nd male puppy, very promissing

Amsterdam Winner (NL) 09-12-2017 2nd male puppy, Very promissing

IDS Genk (BE) 03-03-2018 1st, Best Junior, Excellent, Ambriorix Junior Winner 2018

IDS Rijnland (NL) 17-03-2018 2nd Junior, Excellent

IDS De Utrecht (NL) 15-04-2018 1st, Best Junior, Excellent

IDS Antwerp (BE) 11-04-2018 1st, Best Junior, Excellent, BOB

IDS Wieze (BE) 19-05-2018 1st, Best Junior, Excellent, BOB, Hopkeizer 2018, Hopprins 2018

Belguim Junior Champion

IDS Zwolle (NL) 24-06-2018 1st, Excellent

Dutch Junior Champion

Dutch results will follow

Dutch Champion

IDS Dortmund (DE) 11-10-2019 1st, Excellent, Best Male, BOB, CAC, CACIB, Bundes Sieger 2019

Crufts Qualified 2020

IDS Dortmund (DE) 12-10-2019 1st, Excellent, CAC

Family Tree

Zazu is born on the 30th of March 2017 from Strix Sisuke (Beer) x INT. Multi. Ch. Peikkovuoren Oma Kultha (Arttu) in Kennel vd Peellappies owned by Nanda Thoer.