Huize Krondom

Huize Krondom was created for fun, just to create our own email address, free from provider, it's a combination of our two first pets, 2 sweet little ferrets: Kronkel and Dompel. Very soon our animal kingdom got expanded with 2 more ferrets, 4 cats and a dog.

After our dog, the Berner Sennenhond Simba died in 2012, we started to explore all the dog breeds in our search for our next family dog. Almost immediately the Finish Lapphund emerged from all the other options.

We started reading everything we could find about this amazing breed, searched the whole internet and finally we visited a breeder, Jordie Hamer. There we met 2 fantastic boys and we could not help but to fall in love with them.

On the 4st of July 2015 it was finally the day we have been waiting for, Rafiki came to live with us.
Rafiki is a wonderful, playful and naughty boy. Just for the fun of it, we started to participate in some shows in The Netherlands, it appeared he had very good show qualifications. Already after his first 4 shows, he is Dutch Junior Champion. Now we are aiming for Dutch Champion and Belgium Champion. On our news page you can follow his achievements.

As it is almost impossible to own only one dog of this beautiful breed, we welcomed a 2nd boy to our family in the spring of 2017, Zazu. He was born on the 30th of March 2017 and is already very well develloped. He is a real friend to Rafiki, they are already inseparable. Soon we will start participating in shows with him as well.

Kronkel, Dompel, Mokum & Kanga